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  • How to Choose a Powerful Display Location

    The first day of middle school.
    New school. New teacher. New classmates.

    It’s a minefield of trials. Like how to pick the right location for your desk. You don’t want to get it wrong like I did. I thought I’d picked the right seat. Not too far back. Not too close to the teacher. And the boy who sat down next to me seemed OK. At first.

    His name was Ross. He never seemed to have any school supplies. No pencils. No pencil crayons. No erasers. After he started borrowing mine, it became clear. He chewed up pencils and erasers. Until they were gone.

    I was horrified! After losing a few shiny new supplies, I learned my lesson. I spent the rest of the year anxiously protecting my pencils and checking them for teeth marks.

    You can be sure I was more careful about my desk location choice the next fall! It’s a critical decision that can affect your entire year.

    Like choosing the right desk location, choosing the right display location is crucial. The wrong choice means that instead of losing pencils, you can lose potential sales.

    How do you pick the right location for displays?

    A display has an important role in the store. It needs to attract attention, convey a message and maintain interest. A display can only do those things if it is in a key location in the store. The display needs to be in a place where it can get attention. It’s not going to get attention off in a corner.

    There are two key components of a good display location. It has to have high traffic, and high visibility. That means each major display needs to be in a place where all customers are going to see it.

    What are some examples of high traffic and high visibility locations?
    You will have displays throughout the store. Right now we’re just going to discuss three key display locations. Besides store windows, these locations have the most shoppers passing by.

    Three key locations for displays include:
    1) Entrance
    2) Ends of aisles
    3) Cash desk

    1) Entrance
    Just inside the store is a prime location for displays. Be sure to leave space for the customer to walk in and look around. Don’t put a display smack in front of the door. A few feet inside, or off to the right hand side are great spots. These are feature locations that shoppers may see from outside, or as soon as they enter.

    A display just inside the door is a great place to feature new products or seasonal items. As you lead shoppers into the store, there are more opportunities to feature merchandise.

    2) Ends of aisles

    The end display on an aisle is often referred to as an end cap. These are highly visible, and attract the shoppers’ attention. The end of the aisle usually faces onto a main traffic area.

    Most large grocery stores are examples of effective displays on the ends of the aisles. These end caps tend to feature seasonal promotions, sales or new products. Sometimes the retailer has just decided to feature a particular product.

    The end caps often have a large quantity of only 2 or 3 products. Repetition of the same product on several shelves creates a strong visual impact, attracting shoppers’ attention.

    Feature displays are also useful at the end of the in-store buying experience.

    3) Cash desk

    The cash desk provides a great opportunity for add on sales. All the buying customers go to the cash desk. They stand and wait. While they wait, customers look at everything in the area. Shoppers have already made a decision to buy, and are standing with payment in hand. These shoppers are the most likely to buy more.

    The cash area is where you need to be very careful. This is the location that is most likely to be filled with too many messages, mixed together without a plan. Instead of crowding the desk with too many competing impulse items, plan counter displays carefully and rotate them regularly.

    For an example of effective cash desk display, visit a Starbucks. Starbucks is merchandised masterfully. Many products, from sandwiches and drinks, to gift cards and mints, are presented in that small space around the cash registers. The planned, organized presentation keeps the display from being overwhelming and chaotic.

    Location is critical
    Displays help drive sales. But only if they are in the right location. If you do not have displays in these three key areas, you are losing potential sales. These locations are prime selling zones in your store. It is up to you to make the most of them.

    The best locations in the store have two things in common: high traffic and high visibility. The three key locations that have these two qualities are the entrance, the ends of aisles and the cash desk.

    Placing key displays in these three locations is even more critical than picking the right desk when you were in school. You won’t have any regrets about choosing these locations for displays.

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    1. Dollar Store Items says:

      You are definitely right. End caps should always be highlights on your stores because they are the first items people first lay their eyes on.