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  • How to Discover Customer Secrets That Help You Sell

    Nancy sells trendy printed graphic T-shirts. She offers the highest quality T-shirts available. She is certain her target market of 15-25 year olds would love these fashionable brands.

    But the T-shirts aren’t selling. They’re sitting on the shelves. Nancy is desperate to figure out how to sell all these T-shirts.

    What’s the secret to selling more?
    Customers have the secret. Customers have the information that Nancy, and you, need to uncover. Customers will help you figure out why products aren’t selling. They’ll help you figure out how to improve sales.

    Customers will help you discover problems, so that you can find solutions. It sounds crazy, but it’s not.

    The first problem is that you don’t know the problem.

    Say what?
    There could be one of many different problems. Or maybe there’s more than one problem.

    Maybe the people you believe are your target market aren’t shopping in your store. Perhaps you’re attracting other customers instead.
    Maybe customers think your products are too expensive.
    Maybe customers don’t like the new products.
    Or maybe the customers just walked right by the items and didn’t see them.

    Each of these problems has a different solution.
    Until you uncover the problem, any attempt to improve sales is a guessing game. There’s more chance of picking the wrong solution, than the right one.

    So, how do you get customers to reveal the problem?

    There are three things you can do to uncover your customers secrets.
    Well, at least the secrets that relate to your business.

    1. Watch
    2. Ask
    3. Listen

    1. Watch your customers.
    Pay attention to the customers who visit the store. Do you attract your target customers? Watch who shops with them. Watch where they walk, what they touch, what they walk past. You’ll discover what is working by noticing what customers pay attention to. And you’ll get clues to where the problems are, when you notice what customers ignore.

    2. Ask your customers questions.

    Find more about your customers, and about what they think. Find out if they live or work nearby. Ask about their personal style and tastes. Inquire about their opinions of some of your products.

    Questions help you get to know your customers better. You start to learn who they are and what they are looking for.

    3. Listen to what customers say.

    Of course you need to listen to the answers customers give to your questions. But listen for other things as well. Listen for objections. Pay attention to comments about price, fit, and style. Make note of questions customers ask. Write them down so you don’t forget.

    Customer objections and questions are a goldmine of information. These are clues to how you can improve your business. They are also opportunities to explain and demonstrate your product. They’re opportunities to sell.

    What should Nancy do to sell her T-shirts?

    Nancy needs to get out on the sales floor. She needs to start by watching her customers. In one day, how many customers visit that fit her target market? How many other customers visit?

    She needs to ask about the T-shirts. In a conversational way, she can say, “We got these T-shirts in recently. What do you think of them?”

    She needs to let customers know why these are the best quality T-shirts available. And listen carefully for questions and objections.

    At the end of the day, Nancy will have discovered some secrets about her customers. And maybe she’ll have sold some T’s in the process.

    You can do it too.

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