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  • How to Help Shoppers’ Dreams Come True

    At first, no one paid much attention.
    The sisters ogling the netbook computers were seven and ten years old. No one thought of two little girls as customers.

    Even though they had been coming to the store for four years with their dad. And every time they visited, they stopped to look at the tiny laptops displayed near the door.

    Every visit, they dreamed about having their own computer.
    The laptops were so small.
    Just the right size for a kid.
    But the laptops were just something the girls talked about.
    And dreamed about.
    For years.

    But, this time the girls’ visit to the store was different
    They’d learned to understand the prices. They could read the signs.
    They realized if they put their money together, they could almost afford to buy themselves a laptop.

    The girls found a sales clerk to help them. He asked them their price range, and recommended a laptop to suit them. He told them to come back on Boxing Day to get the best deal.

    The girls were ecstatic
    They went home and scrutinized their bank statements.
    They saved their birthday money.
    They emptied out their piggy banks, and counted out their coins.
    They asked for a ride to the bank to withdraw money.

    Finally, the big day arrived
    Boxing Day.
    The two sisters got their dad to take them back to the store.
    They found their sales clerk.
    And their laptop.
    They paid for it.
    And took home their very own computer.

    How do you think they felt at that moment?
    And where do you think they’ll shop when they buy their next computer?

    You might have shoppers like these two little girls
    Shoppers that love the your products, but don’t have the money to buy them. Yet. Shoppers who aspire to a lifestyle that at first they can’t afford.

    The girls were aspirational shoppers
    Aspirational shoppers could be anyone.
    They could be young.
    They could be starting out in their careers.
    They may have young families.
    They may be changing jobs.

    They are shoppers who browse, but don’t buy.
    They come back, time & again.
    Maybe for years.

    Until they save up the money for something special.
    Or earn a little more.

    Then they return to the store where they were treated well.
    Where they browsed, and dreamed.
    Where they imagined themselves with a new lifestyle.

    What are you doing to court aspirational customers?
    Are you frustrated because they’re ‘just browsing’?
    Or are you helping them dream?


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    2 Responses to “How to Help Shoppers’ Dreams Come True”

    1. Palm Oil Free Soap Team says:

      Whew! What a fantastic idea you've got there. To say I'm impressed is to underestimate the impact of that homely tale!

      Love the cartoon too! Absolutely fantastic work.

      Feeding aspirations. I guess that is why we keep blogs, and use case studies. Case studies in your field would be "Before and after" shot and case studies, I guess.

      Keep up the purpose driven work! You're onto something unique and inspirational!

      Muji, eat Melanie's dust!
      (Muji are renouwned for their beautiful merchanidising, and for training their staff to have "McDonalds" standard uniformity in retail presentation across Japan, and New York).

    2. Melanie says:

      Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

      Yes – I'm going to write a bit more about aspirations and merchandising. Merchandising for aspirational shoppers helps create retail spaces that we all love to be in.

      The Muji online shop looks like they have beautiful presentation. Thanks for letting me know about them. The 'McDonalds' style presentation makes shoppers feel comfortable no matter which store they visit.

      Another approach is becoming popular with some Vancouver based stores. That is to have some consistent components of presentation, but to tailor the store design to the location and community. It can be very effective as well.