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  • The Secret Grocery Retailers Know (And You Should Too.)

    When was the last time you went to the grocery store with a list?

    And only came home with what was on your list?
    More likely you went in thinking, ‘I only need a couple of things.’ So you didn’t pick up a basket, or get a cart.
    The next thing you know, you’re half way around the store. With five items in your arms. You don’t have any more room to pick up what you really came in for.
    Now you have to go back to the door and dump all your items in a basket. And you walk through the store. Again.
    You end up at the cash register with a full basket. Why?
    The vast majority of grocery purchase decisions are made inside the store. Unplanned. On impulse.
    Grocery retailers use many tools to sell: End caps. Product placement. Height. Colour. Scent. Samples. Signage. Promotions.
    And it all changes weekly, if not daily. So you always see something new. Fresh. Mouth-watering.
    A trip to the grocery store can teach us a thing or two:
    1. Successful grocery retailers are masters of merchandising.
    2. Smart retailers put baskets throughout the store.
    Next time you’re in the grocery store – look for merchandising tricks you can borrow for your shop.
    (Hint: Check out how colour & lighting makes produce look succulent & juicy!)

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