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  • Use Your Cash Wrap to Communicate With Customers

    Quick spot check! Grab a pen and paper.

    Stand in line with your customers at the till. What do you see while you’re waiting? Make a list.

    Sale bins and return policy signs. Phones, debit machines and tape dispensers. Pens, papers and binders. Customer holds and returns. Hangers. Notes from management to staff.

    Clutter is not a selling tool.

    What is the job of the cash wrap? Not storing supplies. Not holding equipment.

    The job of the cash wrap is to close the sale. Offer add-on merchandise. Invite guests to return.

    The experience at the till is just as important as greeting the customer. Just as important as finding out the customer’s needs. Just as important as helping him find solutions to his problem.

    At the checkout you reinforce the identity of the store. Strengthen the shopper’s impression of a positive experience.

    At the this point in the selling process, you have the opportunity to resolve concerns that the customer may still have. You get to reinforce a connection with the shopper.

    An effective and efficient cash wrap zone sets the stage for a favorable interaction. It creates positive customer expectations of the service they will receive.

    It’s hard for customers to evaluate service.

    Service isn’t tangible. The shopper can’t touch it. He can’t measure it.

    When a customer evaluates your services, he evaluates how he feels about it. And much of how the customer feels about the interaction is based on the selling environment. The things he can see, touch, hear and smell.

    Imagine… how do you want the customer to feel as she leaves your store?

    Satisfied with her purchase. Confident that she made the right decision. Content with an efficient transaction. Happy to have met someone who understands her needs. Pleased to have made a new friend.

    Your goal is to make sure that the customer leaves feeling good about her interaction with you. Give her a reason to return.

    It’s harder to do this if your cash desk sends a completely different message.

    Be clear about the message your cash desk communicates.

    Messages are not only words and signs.

    The physical aspects of your store are the main way of communicating what your store is all about. If you’re not careful, you can inadvertently send messages you didn’t intend to send.

    Dirty counters or chipped paint communicates a lack of attention to detail. Notes to employees taped on the till or the wall show you’re focused on operations, not on the customer. An unattended debit pinpad on the counter says you may not be careful about preventing fraud. A pile of holds, hangers or papers shows that perhaps you’re too busy to be attentive.

    Think carefully about the message you want to send.

    You want the customer to have confidence in you. To trust you. Believe you to be organized, knowledgeable, and approachable.

    What would your cash wrap look like if it sent that message?

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